The Evans Kids


    Name: - Anthony Patrick Evans
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, March 22 2005
    Age: - 13 years, 2 months, 6 days

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    Name: - Mackenzie Elizabeth Evans
    Birthdate: - Friday, January 12 2007
    Age: - 11 years, 4 months, 16 days
  • Nine Month Stats: 19lbs 6.5oz. 29inches

News Journal

(Wednesday, October 3 2007)

New Updates! I finally managed to get September photos and videos up. Things are beginning to get VERY busy! We are moving October 30 and time is dwindling fast! Not much happened in September. Our big trip was at ...more

(Tuesday, August 21 2007)

WOW! Things have definately been going on in this family! Here, I''ll attempt to start from the beginning. In July we took several trips and did several things with the kids. The first of which was the annual July 4th ...more

(Tuesday, August 21 2007)

I''m finally updating again! I''ve been feeling bad about this website lately because I feel like all I do is throw up pictures and videos. There''s really no explanation at all to them. My friend Bonnie did a great ...more

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Guestbook Entries

Doug Hemingway (Friday, August 24 2007)

MAN!! Them kids is growin'' like weeds!!! Enjoy every minute as they grow up WAY TOO FAST!! Really enjoy the updates! Good luck to Jim on his new job, it''s been a LONG time comin''. We miss ...more

Mary Jean Kennedy (Thursday, August 23 2007)

Hi You All: Love getting all the updates and pictures etc. on the family. The kiddies are adorable & GETTING so big!!! Hear you are moving soon right? At least that''s what Auntie Joan Told me. Good ...more

Elizabeth & Rob (CA) (Monday, June 18 2007)

Greetings once again! I adore the pictures, duh! BIG NEWS - Rob and I are expecting!! We''re also going to be in Waynesboro July 2nd - 6th -- would love to catch up if your schedule might allow. Miss you all! Love ...more

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